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During our work on the project, we have employed several methods of recording and assessing the results of the project, including:

  1. analysis of filmed class debriefing sessions captured after each video conference;
  2. quantitative analysis of exit survey data over two quarters;
  3. qualitative analysis of exit survey open responses over two quarters;
  4. qualitative analysis of student letters written to the PIs at both institutions after fall and winter, as well as student letters written after the spring quarter workshop;
  5. review of external observer notes and video footage logs; and
  6. qualitative analysis of 40+ hours of video and Marratech stream footage of globally-distributed teamwork over two quarters.

The following products and processes contributed to the project evaluation:

  • Videographer Log Sheet. Each of the four Stanford distributed groups was video recorded during their work with their Örebro partners; the videographers recorded key moments in the sessions using this log and its tagging system.
  • Focus Groups: The attached process was used to set up focus groups for additional evaluation measures
  • Student Interviews. Interviews were conducted with over 35 students from both Stanford and Örebro Universities, representing the full range of classes offered through the 3-year CCR collaboration.

Assessment report, June 2007. This white paper presents the results of data analysis on surveys collected through the Fall 2006 and Winter 2007 Örebro-Stanford Exchange, Published June 2007.




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