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Pedagogical Materials for Blogging

As part of their participation in the CCR Project, students and instructors contribute to a rich intercultural exchange on the Cross-Cultural Rhetoric blog, discussing topics as diverse as campus culture, international politics, digital communication, and environmental issues.

Current Blog Discussions
Read some of the cross-cultural discussions currently underway on the CCR Blog:

  • Students at Khabarovsk Academy in Russia, örebro University in Sweden and Stanford University USA present opinions about cultural stereotypes and research ideas.
    read this thread

  • Stanford University's "The Rhetoric of Food Science and Politics" students and City College New York’s “Science Writing” students discuss how key sources and authors inform their research projects.
    read this thread

    Stanford University's "The Rhetoric of Gaming" students discuss their research projects.
    read this thread

  • Stanford University's "Visual Rhetoric Across the Globe" class & University of Uppsala's rhetoric class posts about their video conference conversations about Globalization.
    read this thread

  • Stanford University's "Rhetoric of Research" class & the University of Sydney's "Page to Screen" class blog about their approaches to academic research and scholarship.
    Read this thread
  • Stanford University's "Online Activism" class & an American University in Cairo class analyze the campaign websites for U.S. Presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama.
    Read this thread
  • Stanford University CCR students discuss their Cross-Cultural Rhetoric Research Projects.
    Read this thread