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DIGITAL REPOSITORY for the Cross-Cultural Rhetoric Project

The materials below were made available for Symposium participants to review in preparation for the June 14 International Symposium. We are now in the process of transforming this part of our Website into the Cross-Cultural Rhetoric Digital Repository .

Instructors can use these pedagogical materials for teacher training, lesson plans, and implementation of our project. Feel free to contact the CCR Project Team for assistance with adapting these materials to your educational setting.

|| Pedagogical Materials || Technology Materials || Student- Generated Texts ||
|| Scholarship || Evaluation ||

Pedagogical Materials

Technology Materials

    how-to ICT resources

    How to Marratech

    Blogging Directions

    Switching Instructions

    Lesson on the Wiki

    links to Wiki


    The CCR Project wiki is a collaborative writing space for participants in the Cross-Cultural Rhetoric project, a a resource for virtual collaboration between students at Stanford and Örebro University and a drafting site for conference papers and articles by the project team

    links to blogs

    Project Blogs

    This page serves as a portal for 3 project blogs (Main, Instructor Blog, Beta Blog) as well as for 4 Student Group Blogs used during collaborative activities and asyncrhonous writing between students at Örebro University and Stanford University in 2006-2007

    multimedia library

    Flickr Photostream

    Marratech streams

    film clip library

    Film Clips

    The film clips provided here capture key moments in the cross-cultural exchange between students at Örebro University and Stanford University


Student Generated Texts

    cultural artifacts

    presentation materials

    blog entries

    collaborative writing

    research proposals and papers




      • Linked here materials we developed for assessment and evaluation of our project. These include observer taxonomies, exit surveys, real-time recording protocols and note-taking rubrics, and white papers with project results.
        • assessment rubrics
        • data analysis measures
        • videographer logs
        • observer note-taking sheets
        • white papers on results
        • reflections
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