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The Cross-Cultural Rhetoric project pairs classes from international universities to work together in globally-distributed teams through the use of various information communictation technologies (ICTs), such as Marratech video-conferencing, wikis, and collaborative blogging.

During 2006-2007 academic year, the Cross-Cultural Rhetoric Project, brought together Rhetoric students from Örebro University met with students from Stanford University's Program in Writing and Rhetoric through in-class video conferencing to participate in a series of collaborative activities. Students worked together closely on the rhetorical analysis of several different texts -- including websites and political speeches -- exploring the way that cultural difference influence how we interpret materials and how we communicate materials to others.

The Orebro-Stanford connection was fostered not only by bi-weekly webclasses, but by participation on a collaborative blog where students continued the conversations begun in class. In addition, the students examined differences in communication styles by peer reviewing each other's writing, delivering presentations to each other across Marratech, and even collaboratively producing cultural texts (such as blog posts and scripted group presentations) designed to elucidate interconnections and dissimilarities in rhetorical styles.


During the 2007-2008 academic year, the Cross-Cultural Rhetoric project will once again bring together students from Örebro and Stanford, but also will be expanding to include participants from Uppsala University, the University College of Södertörn, Umeå University, National University of Singapore, and the University of Sydney.

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